Set Goals for the Second Half of the Year

July 11, 2014 —

July 1 was Second Half of the New Year Day, which makes July the perfect time to review the New Year’s resolutions that you made back in January to see how you’re doing.

In the July issue of Customer Communicator, editor Bill Keenan offers this advice: Start by making a point of celebrating the goals that you have reached and maybe even setting a few “stretch” goals to get even better in those areas.

But equally important is to look at what you have not yet accomplished, and to ask yourself why you might have fallen short. What obstacles got in the way, and what can you do to remove those obstacles? You might also consider adjusting those goals or setting new goals that make more sense.

Keenan also advises frontline service professionals to work with a manager or supervisor to set realistic work and career- development goals for the next half of the year. Regular progress meetings and feedback are powerful tools for keeping on track.

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