Eliminate Negativity in the Service Center

July 24, 2014

Working in customer service can be difficult and stressful, but managers can take simple steps to help reps stay motivated and positive.

Geoffrey James, author of Business Without the Bullsh*t, says that it starts with being a role-model for reps.

For instance, when a rep complains about having had to deal with a difficult customer, remind the rep that it’s the job of customer service to help the customer and that everything he does to help is a reason to be proud and positive about his work.

Managers should also ensure that their reps have the opportunity to take a break and get away from the phone and other stresses for short periods during the day.

Set up a “quiet room;” sponsor workplace exercise, wellness, or meditation sessions; or just give reps an option to step away from their phones occasionally.

Additional tips for managers and their frontline staff on how to maintain a positive attitude appear in the July issue of Customer Communicator newsletter. Subscribe Today.

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