It may be time to update, and speed up, your standards

February 24, 2015 —

While email may be losing some ground to text messaging and social media as a customer communication channel, customers who use email are still looking for a quick response.

A recent survey by found that most customers (52%) expect a response to their emails within 24 hours, some 19% expect a response within 12 hours, and only 3% say they will tolerate a response within one week.

Charlie Sheng, MailTime co-founder, notes that when email entered the workplace in the 1990s, many people developed a routine of checking their inbox first thing in the morning and ignoring it the rest of the day. Today, those same customers are much more demanding.

Today’s checklist …

  1. Dust off your email response guidelines. Are they meeting today’s expectations?
  2. Train frontline staff in effective email communication with the Customer Service Group’s self-study training program.


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