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November 16, 2017 —

From effective listening to computer savvy, there are a lot of skills needed to be effective in customer service. This month Customer Communicatornewsletter asked its panel of frontline reps, “What are the most important service skills?”

The responses provide practical insights for anyone working in customer service. For example, Jerrard Gates of Navy Federal Credit Union shared the following:

There are two specific skills that I see as the most important to being a good customer service representative.

People skills. Possessing these skills gives you the patience to ensure that your message is being communicated effectively and the tolerance level to empathize and walk in someone else’s shoes. All of this leads to a smooth resolution to conflicts among customers and colleagues.

Product knowledge. Being a product expert is vital to the customer experience. People need to trust that you are competent enough to direct, recommend, and guide them toward the best possible options available to them. Knowing the products you offer, how they benefit the customer, and how they stack up against the competition, all help to build that trust. Another aspect of product knowledge is knowing what resources you have and how to utilize them. This gives you the confidence needed to find answers. And that level of confidence resonates with your members, which in turn gives them confidence in the answers you find.

While these are not the only skills needed to provide good customer service, mastering both will put you on the fast track to becoming an exceptional customer service representative


More advice from frontline reps on essential service skills appears in the November issue of Customer Communicator.

Today’s checklist …

  1. Ask. What skills does your team consider essential?
  2. Align. Do these skills align with the mission of the service department? Do they align with internal training? Do they align with performance criteria?
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