The Year in Customer Service

January 5, 2018 —

 Every other week we post a brief article from Customer Communicator. Over the course of the year we’ve covered everything from building trust with customers, to maintaining positivity, to saying “no” the right way.

To wrap up the year, we’re highlighting five of our favorite posts. Timely and informative, they showcase some of the most important techniques from service trainers and consultants.

All five are online along with dozens of others from 2017 and earlier.

#1 Improve vocal skills to improve customer service. This post from way back in March discusses the importance of mirroring the customer’s speech.

#2 Mastering old school basics. J.N. Widdon reminds readers to inject old-fashioned courtesy and personal attention into relationships with customers.

#3 Add storytelling to your department’s tool chest. Rather than telling a customer how a problem will be resolved, this post suggests telling the story of a similar situation and how the problem was resolved.

#4 My coworker just blew it with a customer. What Now. Kate Nasser shares the number one rule for dealing with a customer whose issue has been mishandled or who has a complaint about another rep.

#5 Making a personal connection with customers. This important post focuses on how reps can avoid sounding robotic, even when working from a script.

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