Question: What do you enjoy most about working in customer service

Answers from frontline reps —


Making connections with customers. I now have such a respect for kindness and common courtesy. So many things can be said in the heat of the moment, but staying kind can turn that all around.

I enjoy treating people as I want to be treated and seeing how quickly a situation can change. In a call center, the customers can spend so much time listening to automated voices, they forget how to act once they get a real person. I like making that connection with my customers and putting myself in their situations. It can be a very humbling experience, and it makes me appreciate even more what I can do for them and that I am there to help.

— Rachel Dillon, Assurant Specialty Property


Making a difference in someone’s life. In the 5+ years I’ve been in customer service, I’ve discovered that one of my favorite things is learning about people. Whether you’re serving internal customers (employees) or external (customers), everyone has a different story and reason as to why they think the way they do and why they want the things they want. In my experience, if you understand what makes each person tick, you will be able to connect with them, thus providing personalized service that exceeds expectations.

I also appreciate the constant change customer service offers. The credit union I work for is constantly challenging us with different ways to look at how we serve our members/customers. This provides me with opportunities for change every day and makes it very difficult to become complacent within my role.

Lastly, I appreciate the satisfaction of having such a big impact on someone I’ve never even met before. Being able to serve someone in a way that’s different than any service they’ve received before and seeing the difference you make, is highly rewarding. Whether it’s something as small as a warm smile and greeting, or offering them a service they didn’t know about, making a difference in someone’s life is extremely gratifying and is the reason why I love customer service.

— Nate Graves, Navy Federal Credit Union



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