One Great Theme, Dozens of Ways to Use it

June 6, 2018 —

Last week we launched the Customer Service Week website and announced the 2018 theme — Excellence Happens Here™.

To compliment that theme, we’ve created fun, meaningful, and easy-to-use decorations, gifts, rewards, and stress-relievers.

And there are a few extra twists and turns — you’ll see that the theme has been reinterpreted for an extra element of fun. For example:

  • You’ll decorate with posters, banners, and pennant strings plus signs which highlight event activities such as “Party Happens Here,” and “Good Food Happens Here.”
  • You’ll give stress-relievers such as our fidget puzzle, stress ball, and timer which is imprinted, “Time Out Happens Here.”
  • And, of course you’ll give our water bottles, travel mugs, and coffee house mugs along with coasters, which remind reps that, “Drinks Go Here.”

To see all of the decorations, gifts, rewards, and stress-relievers visit because Customer Service Week Happens Here.

If there are others on your team who will be involved in planning for the week, now is the time to invite them to sign up for the CSW Bulletin. Or to follow us on and LinkedIn.

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