The Right Attitude Matters

August 2, 2018 —

In a busy service department, with many competing demands, it is not always easy for frontline reps to remain happy, upbeat, and positive.

Fortunately, service consultant JoAnna Brandi has identified several ways that reps can maintain a positive attitude and keep customers happy. It all starts with Steps 1 and 2 which involve setting and living one’s goals each day.

Step 1: Set an intention One of the first things that reps can do to maintain a positive attitude — even before they leave their house in the morning — is to set an intention, or a purpose for the day.

Brandi suggests setting intentions such as, “Today, I intend to radiate positivity,” “Today, I intend to smile constantly, even over the phone,” or “Today, I intend to make other people happy.”

Step 2: Broadcast your intention Next, says Brandi, take a few moments now and then to check to see that you are broadcasting what you intended.

One’s emotional state can change quickly as a result of negative influences throughout the day — difficult calls, negative talk by coworkers, criticism from a manager. So reps should check periodically to make sure that the emotions they are broadcasting in the workplace and over the phone are positive ones. “Emotions are contagious,” says Brandi.

Brandi discusses all five steps to maintaining a positive attitude in the August issue of Customer Communicator, the newsletter for frontline reps.

Today’s checklist …

  1. Model Positive Behavior. One way that managers can contribute to creating a positive environment is to model the type of positive behavior they want to see in their team.
  2. Provide Positive Feedback. Managers should also be looking for the positive in each rep’s performance, says Brandi. By being a “strength-spotter,” and approaching reps to say things like, “I noticed how skillfully you handled that difficult situation” — the manager is building what Brandi calls an “emotional bank account” with the rep. The rep knows that he or she is appreciated and will be more open to feedback in the future.
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