Stamp Out the Deadly Customer Service Sins

November 1, 2018 —

Apathy/boredom, the brush-off, coldness, condescension, robotism, the rulebook, the runaround, and the tune-out are the “eight sins of customer service,” says Deborah J. Schmidt, a customer loyalty consultant and author.

Not surprisingly, these sins are common to many service centers. They’re attitudes and behaviors that reps adopt to help them deal with the pressures of customer service work.

If service sins are common in your department, or on your team, you need to take action to eliminate them. “Customers keep scorecards,” says Schmidt, “and they will leave for your competitors if they don’t get the caring service they deserve.”

Eliminating service sins is also important, says Schmidt because, they are contagious. If one person on the team falls victim to condescension or apathy, it will spread to other reps as they respond in the same way to the treatment that they are receiving or that they overhear.

Today’s checklist …

  1. Listen. Careful observation will help you identify which service sins may be taking root in your department.
  2. Model. Managers, supervisors, and team leads may also be guilty of the eight sins of customer service. Careful self-observation and modeling best behaviors will help.
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