Finding the Right Words Helps Soothe Angry Customers

March 7, 2019 —

When working with customers, over the phone, in person, or online, it’s important that frontline reps choose the right words. Words that convey a desire to help, words that demonstrate confidence and ability, words that soothe and reassure.

Choosing the right words is especially important when dealing with an angry or upset customer. This month in Customer Communicator newsletter, five service experts share some of their best advice, and powerful phrases, for calming angry or upset customers.

For example, when wrapping up the call, always thank customers for bringing you their complaints and expressing their concerns. “A word of thanks helps you connect on an emotional level and leaves a positive memory in the mind of the customer,” says author Andrea Nierenberg.

Phrases to use:

  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  • Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out.
  • I appreciate you alerting us to this problem and giving us an opportunity to make things right.

This month’s Customer Communicator includes sample phrases for every stage of the interaction with an angry or upset customer.

Today’s checklist …

  1. Know your customers. While there are many universals, there are also words and phrases with special meaning to your customer base. Take a moment to discuss which words and phrases sound positive and helpful, appreciative and respectful, inviting and warm? Which words sound cold and confusing, overly technical or even condescending?
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