Take a Physical Approach to Intense Customer Encounters

March 21, 2019 —

Handling difficult customer interactions can take a physical toll on your body. So Craig Harrison, author of Stellar Service!, recommends that frontline reps take a physical approach to counteracting stress.

Here are two techniques for releasing stress and tension in the shoulders, neck and upper back.

Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. As if you’re talking to someone directly in front of you, nod your head “yes,” on the up-down axis.

Next, say “no” by turning your head left and right, using a slow swiveling motion. Be sure to feel the stretch in your muscles. Still facing forward, tilt your head 45 degrees toward one shoulder for a few seconds — “maybe.” Then, indicate “maybe not” by tilting in the other direction.

Finally, keeping your head facing forward, roll both shoulders forward or backward for “I don’t know.”

The pen head. Imagine there is a pen attached to your nose. Use your nose to write your name in the air — in block letters. Then erase it with your head. Next, trying writing it again, this time in cursive. (Remember to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, says Harrison.).

Today’s checklist …

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