Ta Da … Your Free Gifts for Customer Service Week

June 20, 2019 —

When you order your Customer Service Week materials we’ll say “thank you” with dozens of free gifts including:

• 28 print-and-use puzzles to challenge and entertain. There are word puzzles, math puzzles, logic puzzles, and even a set of five “Magic Cube” puzzles.

• 21 ready-to-use activities with step by step instructions and handouts.You’ll find teambuilding activities, skillbuilding activities, and recognition activities. There are even spells to use with our Magic Wand Pens. You’ll gather your team to cast the spell to remove negative energy from the service center, and more.

• 19 fun and useful printables. There are cupcake toppers, candy bar wrappers, photo booth props, table tents, and more. You’ll find dozens and dozens of items for your celebration and best of all, the Customer Service Week theme, The Magic of Service™, is carefully woven into each item.

So place your order today to take advantage of the early bird discounts and, like magic, you’ll receive access to all of the free gifts.

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