Question: Do you have a mission, vision, or value statement that guides your work?

Answers from frontline reps —

Team creates its own mission, vision, and value statements. At the City of Berkeley 311 Customer Service Center, we have Mission, Vision, and Value statements that govern our division. 311 had a “principles document” created in 2011 that served as their guiding values. Several years ago, we decided to expand on this.

To accomplish the task, 311 held two hour-long brainstorming sessions where the team talked about what was important to them, they brought forth their ideas and everyone contributed. Together we wrote a 311 Customer Service Center guidance document that we are very proud of.

The team also participated on the layout of the document, three interlinking circles which illustrate how our mission, vision and values interact. Below are the 311 values:

• We are customer service professionals; we conduct ourselves with integrity, and a true commitment to provide satisfaction to our community members.

• We take responsibility for being attentive and creating a respectful interaction with our customers, and accept the other person’s ideas as true to them. 

• We do not ignore problems or mistakes; we work together to identify and solve them.

• We help develop and support citywide policies, operational processes, and technology systems to promote value-added city services. 

We get the job done!

— Kathy Cassidy, City of Berkeley, CA

Making the uncommon common. 
At Assurant, we have a mission statement and a values statement. The values statement helps guide the way we support our customers and how we work with one another. It focuses on the behaviors that lead to uncommon service. The four parts of our value statement are:

• Common sense. We seek simple, straightforward solutions that keep life running smoothly for the clients and consumers we serve.

• Common decency. We act with integrity. We treat others with respect, courtesy, and kindness. We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing the right thing.

• Uncommon thinking. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We seek diverse perspectives and thrive on challenge. We believe there’s always a way to build upon our successes.

• Uncommon results. We focus on actionable solutions that deliver measurable results. We approach each challenge with a sense of urgency, striving to exceed every expectation.

— Rachel Dillon, Assurant

Mission creates purpose, elevates performance. 
Our company’s mission statement is simply put, “Our Members Are the Mission.” This means that everything we do is to serve all those within our field of membership. Every department has its part to play in this, from our frontline Member Service Representatives (MSRs) to executive leaders to our housekeeping staff. We all work together to make sure we support team members and other departments, all in the name of providing excellent member service at all times.

This inspires us to action because we are part of something bigger than “just a job.” We create a culture at Navy Federal Credit Union that each one of our employees matters, and that each of us is vital to the success of our organization. This fosters a sense of pride in the company, which in turn elevates our performance.

— Stacy Ernst, Navy Federal Credit Union

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