Remember Your Purpose

November 7, 2019 —

In the November issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and others, shares techniques to maintain a positive attitude at work.

It’s all about focusing on your purpose. Or as he says, “remember why you do what you do.”

Defining your purpose may require a bit of a mental shift. For example, a service professional might say that their purpose is to answer the phone, extend a greeting to the customer, listen carefully to the customer’s comments or issues, problem-solve and come up with solutions, see that the customer is satisfied, and move on to the next customer. But, that’s the job function.

The purpose, or the why of the work may be something simpler but more profound. For instance, your purpose may be, “helping customers make the best decisions,” or “delighting customers,” or “helping customers recover after a disaster.” When you define your true purpose and remember why you do what you do, it can boost your energy and improve the quality of interactions with customers.

More from Jon Gordon appears in the November issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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