Maintain Your Focus During the Holiday Season

December 5, 2019 —

The period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day can be hectic — filled with shopping, visiting, and celebrations of all kinds. So how do you keep your focus on customers when you’re wondering about what to get Aunt Millie for Christmas and where to seat Uncle Joe for New Year’s brunch? Here are three simple tips that will help you through the holiday season.

#1 Get organized. Start early, keep a detailed to-do-list — either paper or electronic, and schedule everything down to the smallest detail. When your personal plans are organized, you’ll be better able to focus at work.

#2 Don’t over commit. There’s the cookie exchange, tree trimming party, and 24 cupcakes for the pre-k class. Sometimes you just have to say no.

#3 Practice self-care. Focusing on daily exercise, and watching what you eat and drink will help you feel better and improve focus throughout the holiday season.

More on staying focused at work appears in the December issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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