Lead with Authenticity

December 19, 2019 —

In the December issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, communications consultant and coach, Patti Wood reminds readers that the first words a customer hears will set the tone for the conversation to follow.

She notes that there is solid data behind this practical reminder. “Research says that the most important thing we look for in a first impression are qualities that make us feel safe, such as friendliness and genuineness,” she says. “If you use a plastic or automatic greeting, that’s the impression you’ll send. On the phone it takes a mere fortieth of a second to form a first impression, so the voice you use is critical.”

She also reminds readers that every call provides an opportunity to make a great first impression. “You don’t just form these impressions with strangers, you form a first impression or the day’s impression with people you already know,” she says.

More from Patti Wood appears in the December issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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