Stamp Out Jargon And Tech Talk

Internally you probably use technical jargon when discussing service issues. But to customers those words and phrases may be unclear and off-putting, creating a barrier between you and the customer.

The first step to reducing the use of technical jargon is simply to recognize it when you hear it. Next, try these steps:

  • If you frequently use technical terms, develop user-friendly ways to express them.
  • When you must use technical language, check with the customer to ensure that they understand. For example you might say, “Was that clear? I want to be sure I’m explaining this properly.” This type of phrasing works well because the rep is assuming responsibility for the communication.
  • Determine the customer’s level of understanding at the beginning of the call. For example, “How familiar are you with …?” or “Have you done this before…?”

More tips for improving service with the right words appears in the March issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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