Controlling Fear Is Crucial In Trying Times

As the coronavirus pandemic disrupted everyday life and roiled the U.S. economy, coach Mike Staver was reminded of the importance of understanding human neurology.

Much like the coronavirus, fear is a highly contagious state of being, Staver says. With restaurants, stores, and offices closing down, it’s all too easy to be infected with fear. And the illogical impulse to stock up on toilet paper spreads from one shopper to another.

To maintain productivity through a crisis, Staver says, make a plan for the what-ifs in your life. What if there is no food? What if you need to work from home with small children underfoot? What if this lasts longer than expected?

Acknowledge the worst-case scenarios, and then come up with a sensible plan for managing through those situations.

Having a plan can calm your brain’s production of cortisol, a hormone that acts as the body’s alarm system. Once you’ve alleviated your anxiety and fear, you can be more productive.

“The plan is the cure,” Staver says.

More tips for staying productive during trying times appear in the April issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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