Clear The Clutter

Whether you’re using a makeshift workspace at home or you’re in the office, it’s time for some spring cleaning.

According to Jeffrey Meyer, an efficiency expert and author of Time Management for Dummies, people should focus on clearing the clutter even if they don’t enjoy it.

“Nobody wants to clean their desk, and nobody wants to get organized, because it takes work,” Meyer says. But there’s a benefit. In the long run, you’ll save time and accomplish more by getting organized.

Mayer says that people can waste 60 minutes per day looking for things that are “lost” on their desks. “At least 60 percent of the papers on the typical desk no longer have any value or meaning. They’ve piled up because you don’t have a system for dealing with them,” he says.

His solution: Create a simple organization system that doesn’t allow anything to fall through the cracks. Put things where they belong right away, and you’ll spend less time looking for them later.

More practical service tips appear in the May issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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