The Year In Customer Service, 25 Tips And Counting

Over the past 12 months, Customer Service Bulletin has brought you dozens of tips for service professionals. They have covered everything from at your desk exercises, to managing empathy fatigue, to techniques for service recovery.

If you’ve missed any of them during this hectic year, they are online now. You’ll even find our five most popular posts:

#1 Cure IKTA disease and you’ll never stop learning

#2 Stamp out jargon and tech talk for better customer conversations

#3 Avoid upspeak and other negative vocal patterns

#4 Try BLUF and other rules for more effective email

#5 End your work day with rituals, start the new day refreshed

To read any of this year’s posts visit Customer Service Bulletin.

And while you’re there, check out our training newsletter, training packages, training games, and activity books. It’s everything your service team needs for the new year.

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