Think Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude

2020 is finally in our rearview mirror. One year ago, in February, no one anticipated the way that life would change for all of us just a few short weeks later.

If there is one thing that we have learned from the past year, says Patrick S. Malone, Ph.D. it is “e;the importance of compassion and gratitude.”

Malone, the author of Leading with Love and Laughter, points out the ripple effect of kindness.

“One of the really amazing things about kindness is it builds on itself. Kindness begets kindness,” he says. “When we observe a kind act at work or at the grocery store, we are more likely to perform a kind act based solely on the fact that we witnessed one.”

“Research has shown us that when we perform a kind act for others, it becomes addictive. We want to do it again. And if we do a kind act for 21 consecutive days, it actually rewires the brain to default to kindness.”

So share some kindness with customers and coworkers for all 28 days this month.

More practical tips, techniques, and a self-quiz appear in the February issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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