9 Tips for Moving BACK to the Office

Is your team moving back to the office this month? Or next? Randi Freidig, an expert on business relationships, offers the following gentle reminders for getting along in close quarters. Courtesy and respect are the basis for all of her suggestions:

  • Keep your voice low when talking to visitors or on the phone
  • Enter a coworkers space only when invited
  • Don’t assume that people passing your desk have time to chat
  • Avoid eye contact if you don’t want passersby to stop and talk
  • Lower the volume on phone and computer alerts
  • Keep the clutter to a manageable minimum
  • Only discuss confidential information in a private area, such as a meeting room, rather than at your desk
  • Avoid strong smells such as foods, perfumes, and lotions
  • Stay home if you are sick and might be contagious.

More practical tips for service professionals appear in the June issue of Customer Communicator newsletter.

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