What’s Your CQ?

Everyone is familiar with the concepts of IQ and EQ but what about CQ?

According to Nance Guilmartin, author of The Power of Pause, CQ or Communication Quotient is the ability to “speak clearly, listen closely, rephrase with an open mind, and take responsibility — up front — for being understood.”

If you have a high CQ, she says, you will be able to:

  • Correctly interpret incoming information and exercise the self control to listen.
  • Confirm that you understood what the other person said and what they meant.
  • Accurately convey meaningful thoughts, ideas, and messages.
  • Confirm that what you meant was understood the way you intended.

CQ begins with a focused state of mind and attention to the customer, Guilmartin says, and is the opposite of reacting automatically. “When we react on automatic,” she says, “we are not operating with all of our ability in terms of listening and making ourselves understood.”

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