Adapt Your Style For Better Communication

As a service professional you’ve worked with all kinds of customers — some make quick decisions, while others take more time. Some want a lot of information, others need just an overview. Some want to socialize, others want to get to the point quickly.

When you’re dealing with a customer whose communication style is similar to your own, you may feel as though you “connect” with them. When dealing with a customer whose style is different than yours, you may have a difficult conversation.

The goal of service communication is to connect with each customer. To do this, successful reps are skilled at recognizing a customer’s communication preferences, and then adapting their own style to match the customer’s. In effect, they create a connection.

Anyone can do it.

If the customer wants a lot of time or information, provide it. If they don’t, then don’t. If the customer wants to warm up the interaction by talking about their feelings, then encourage them. If the customer is hesitant to share information, be sure they understand why you are asking.

Shifting your style and connecting with customers will have its rewards in more pleasant and productive customer communication.

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