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Every other month, our panel of frontline experts answers a service-related question in Customer Communicator newsletter.

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Question: How do I conclude end-of-day customer calls without shortchanging the customer?

Answers from frontline reps —   Conduct “mission focused” communications. Due to our military roots, our representatives know when to be “mission focused.” In other words, our representatives are encouraged to get the member’s concerns taken care of fully without allowing the call to become uncontrolled. Our representatives are trained to keep conversations focused on resolving…Continue reading


Question: How can I get support from other departments on customer service issues?

Answers from frontline reps —   Treat it as a learning experience. Our credit union provides us with many opportunities to speak with individuals who aren’t in our specific department through formal or informal interactions. Our management encourages us to collaborate with other departments for the benefit of adding efficiencies and reducing member effort. As an added…Continue reading