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Keep Listening Skills Sharp

April 4, 2019
April 4, 2019 — There are several basic steps to better listening. And it all starts with recognizing what’s involved. "Exceptional listening requires concentration, effort, and a thoughtful response," says author Joe Takash, "It means you must work at listening with your head and heart and not just with your ears." The April issue of Customer…To read more — login/sign up


Take a Physical Approach to Intense Customer Encounters

March 21, 2019
March 21, 2019 — Handling difficult customer interactions can take a physical toll on your body. So Craig Harrison, author of Stellar Service!, recommends that frontline reps take a physical approach to counteracting stress. Here are two techniques for releasing stress and tension in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. As…To read more — login/sign up


Practice Power Postures

February 21, 2019
February 21, 2019 — As service providers, your team members must consistently deliver a positive customer experience — "power postures" can help. By practicing power postures, coach and author Akash Kaira says you can improve your mood and project a more positive image to customers, coworkers, and others. In a power posture, you expand the…To read more — login/sign up


Service Recovery

January 24, 2019
January 24, 2019 — Getting the apology right can make the difference in service recovery. In the January issue of Customer Communicator, the newsletter for frontline customer service reps, experts weigh in with recommendations for successful service recovery. Their techniques include a well-worded apology. But not all apologies are created equal. Recent research finds that the…To read more — login/sign up


The Year in Customer Service

December 27, 2018
December 27, 2019 — Every other week we post the summary of an article from Customer Communicator. Over the course of the year we’ve covered everything from building rapport with customers, to maintaining a positive attitude, to saying "no" the right way. To wrap up the year, we’re highlighting five of our favorite posts. Timely and…To read more — login/sign up