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September 2018

Help your reps to focus on the customer on every call — A lot of companies claim to have a customer focus. But it most often falls to the customer service rep to live up to that claim. Here is some advice from customer service consultant and author, Shep Hyken:

• A blog post  on how the employee experience contributes to the customer experience.

• A video presentation on how to use customer service to stand out from the competition.

August 2018

Create a positive work environment for your team — A positive environment contributes to better service, happier customers, and customer service reps who are more confident about their service skills. The following resources will help:

• Suggestions from JoAnna Brandi on how to  “pivot” toward positivity.

• Advice from Brandi and other experts on making a positive impression on customers. Handout.

• Our Frontline Spotlight Award, a low-cost way to recognize and reward reps for maintaining a positive attitude.

July 2018

This month service leaders showed reps how to stand out and make a difference. The following resources will help you recognize those efforts and ensure that your entire team stands out.

• Information on our Frontline Spotlight award, a low-cost way to recognize stand-out reps.

• A blog post by Jeff Toister on the importance of developing a service culture.

• A radio broadcast with Shep Hyken and Gigi Butler on how to stand out from the competition.

May 2018

Support your reps’ efforts to obtain customer feedback — John Goodman, vice chairman of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCM&C), and author of Customer Experience 3.0, shares two recent documents to help managers obtain, understand, and use customer feedback. They include:

April 2018

There’s much that managers can do to alleviate stress in the workplace — Service expert Genella MacIntyre recommends that managers help their teams by monitoring stress levels, providing back up, offering praise, and setting up a quiet room. These resources provide additional insights:

Tips and techniques for setting up a quiet room

Five steps to help managers reduce stress, a leadership article from Genella MacIntyre.