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September 2018

Help your reps to focus on the customer on every call — A lot of companies claim to have a customer focus. But it most often falls to the customer service rep to live up to that claim. Here is some advice from customer service consultant and author, Shep Hyken:

• A blog post  on how tomer-experience-2/cx-ex-customer-experience-employee-experience/">the employee experience contributes to the customer experience.

• A video presentation on how to use customer service to stand out from the competition.

August 2018

Create a positive work environment for your team — A positive environment contributes to better service, happier customers, and customer service reps who are more confident about their service skills. The following resources will help:

• Suggestions from JoAnna Brandi on how to  “pivot” toward positivity.

• Advice from Brandi and other experts on tomerservicegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SSwebextra_0818.pdf">making a positive impression on customers. Handout.

• Our tomerservicegroup.com/frontline-spotlight-award/">Frontline Spotlight Award, a low-cost way to recognize and reward reps for maintaining a positive attitude.

July 2018

This month service leaders showed reps how to stand out and make a difference. The following resources will help you recognize those efforts and ensure that your entire team stands out.

• Information on our tomerservicegroup.com/frontline-spotlight-award/">Frontline Spotlight award, a low-cost way to recognize stand-out reps.

• A toistersolutions.com/blog/2018/5/29/what-exactly-is-a-service-culture">blog post by Jeff Toister on the importance of developing a service culture.

• A radio broadcast with Shep Hyken and Gigi Butler on how to stand out from the competition.

June 2018

Help your team improve its listening skillsLeadership consultant Stacey Hanke suggests that managers focus on improving their own listening skills as well. She shares two helpful resources. 

May 2018

Support your reps’ efforts to obtain customer feedback — John Goodman, vice chairman of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCM&C), and author of Customer Experience 3.0, shares two recent documents to help managers obtain, understand, and use customer feedback. They include:

April 2018

There's much that managers can do to alleviate stress in the workplace — Service expert Genella MacIntyre recommends that managers help their teams by monitoring stress levels, providing back up, offering praise, and setting up a quiet room. These resources provide additional insights: • tomerservicegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SSwebextra_0418.pdf">Tips and techniques for setting up a quiet roomand-5-steps-reducing-stress">Five steps to help managers reduce stress, a leadership article from Genella MacIntyre.

March 2018

Train your reps to handle customers online and via social media — Online service skills are a growing necessity for reps in today’s digital communication age. Managers need to make sure their reps are prepared. Here are some resources:

January 2018

What resolutions will you and your reps be making for the New Year? — Following are resources with suggestions on important areas for improvement in the New Year:

December 2017

Make sure your reps are prepared to deal with angry and irate customers — Here’s more advice from Nancy Friedman on important topics covered in this month’s issue of Customer Communicator.
  • More on training to avoid emotional leakage.
  • More on training to understand the difference between sympathy and empathy, and why it matters.