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September 2017

Create a culture of appreciation — A culture of appreciation can boost positive relationships between coworkers and increase engagement and productivity, says Dr. Paul White in this month’s issue of Customer Communicator. Here are additional resources:


August 2017

Are your reps prepared to respond to complaints about coworkers? — Customer complaints about coworkers happen more often than one might think, and it pays to build a service culture that knows how to deal with those issues. This month’s issue of Customer Communicator and these resources will help.


July 2017

Support your reps’ trust-building efforts. — When there’s a high-level of trust in the service center, people communicate well, work well together, and strive to meet common goals. Without trust, guarded communication, speculation, and disengagement can get in the way of productivity and serving customers. These resources can help:

June 2017

Make sure your reps can handle service issues via social media. — More and more customer service departments are being called upon to handle customer issues that arise on social media. These resources can help:

April 2017

What are you doing to help your reps improve their written communication skills? — In today’s service world, written communication skills can be just as — or more — important than oral communication skills. Here are resources you can use to help your reps boost those skills.

March 2017

Make sure your reps are practicing positive vocal skills — A customer service rep’s voice can provide a clear message to customers about how willing they are to help. Here are some resources managers can use to make sure that message is a positive one: