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January 2017

Will your staff be ready and equipped to deal with 2017’s emerging trends?— 2017 will be full of changes. Here are additional suggestions from this month’s contributors on how to make sure that your staff is prepared.


May 2016

A car-maker’s hard-won lessons apply to all service professionals — Joseph A. Michelli, author of Driven to Delight, reports on Mercedes-Benz USA’s efforts to improve its customer experience and what customer service reps in general can learn from that experience. Michelli offers additional advice in the links below:

  • In this blog post Michelli suggests how managers can leave a “leadership legacy” in their organizations.
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  • Michelli has also worked with and reported on the Starbucks service mission in his book Leading the Starbucks Way. Here’s a summary article from the Customer Service Group archives.
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April 2016

Help reps to make a more positive impression with customers — A group of well-known customer service experts bring their expertise to bear in this issue of The Customer Communicator to answer the question, “What can reps do to make a more positive impression on customers?” The links below offer additional help from some of those experts.