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September 2015

Help reps develop the skills they need to provide exceptional service — In the September issue of The Customer Communicator, Flavio Martins, author of Win the Customer, offers advice on how reps can create a more positive customer experience. The links below offer further advice on winning customers.

August 2015

Help your customer service reps to develop frontline leadership skills by building a team culture — The August issue of The Customer Communicator offers Renée Evenson’s perspective on the importance of leadership skills for everyone on the service team. The links below offer additional advice on how to build a culture that nurtures leaders.


July 2015

Give your reps the range they need to become customer service heroes — The July issue of The Customer Communicator offers Adam Toporek’s advice on how reps can be heroes to their customers. The links below provide additional suggestions for achieving and celebrating “hero” status.


June 2015

Dealing with the irate, cranky, or cantankerous customer — In the June issue of The Customer Communicator, author Mark Goulston offers an array of useful tips on handling difficult customers. The links below will connect you with additional advice from Goulston.

May 2015

Phone skills are still important for service reps — Nancy Friedman of Telephone Doctor Inc. thinks phone skills should remain at the top of reps’ basic training needs list. And here are some links to related skills that might help:

  • Read a recent blog post by Friedman on communication basics.
  • Get more advice with this bonus article featuring Friedman’s insights on asking questions of customers.

April 2015

Promote reps’ loyalty-building efforts — Customer service author and consultant Chip R. Bell wants companies to put more effort into connecting with customers. These links will help:

February 2015

How to avoid saying “no” — According to Richard Gallagher, positive experiences are the rule when reps can turn a “no” into a “yes.” Learn more.

January 2015

Search for customers’ unspoken needs — Getting at customers’ unspoken needs is not always a matter of asking them directly, says Rick Delisi, co-author of The Effortless Experience. But using this metric can help.