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May 2017

Become an effective coach — May 1 is celebrated as “Executive Coaching Day,” but the benefits of coaching — and being coached — should be celebrated from the front lines to the executive suite. Customer service reps, in particular, should look for others who might coach or mentor them and for those who might benefit from their own coaching. Get started coaching with these five tips on how to mentor new or inexperienced coworkers.

February 2017

Build better relationships — February is “Relationship Wellness Month,” use the occasion to focus on the relationships you have with customers, and the perceptions that customers have of your company. Try using the LIFE acronym.

Use caution when delivering bad news to customers — Click to visit Evan Horowitz’s website, which offers more advice on delivering bad news to customers, including sample scripts for delivering bad news (scroll to the bottom of the page for access to the scripts).

December 2016

Start setting goals for 2017 — Goal setting is usually reserved for January and those perennial “New Year’s Resolutions,” but starting in December offers an even better opportunity to review both the past year’s results and the next year’s goals. Try these four techniques.

Tips for good vocal health — The most important tool for a phone service rep is the voice, so it’s important to keep that voice strong and healthy throughout the day and throughout the year. Learn more.