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December 2016

Start setting goals for 2017 — Goal setting is usually reserved for January and those perennial “New Year’s Resolutions,” but starting in December offers an even better opportunity to review both the past year’s results and the next year’s goals. Try these four techniques.

Tips for good vocal health — The most important tool for a phone service rep is the voice, so it’s important to keep that voice strong and healthy throughout the day and throughout the year. Learn more.

August 2016

What will be your legacy? — August is “What Will Be Your Legacy” Month, and that makes it the perfect time to reflect on the impact that your work and your attitude in the workplace have on others. This rep’s story, from the archives of The Customer Communicator, demonstrates the importance of thinking about the legacy that you will leave.

July 2016

Focus on social wellness — Building positive relationships starts with a good first impression. Here’s how.

Avoid confusion, misunderstanding and frustration with good listening — This mini-poster features four of our favorite quotes about the importance of listening. Hang it as is, or cut apart and rotate the quotes to keep the reminders fresh.