Big Book of Icebreakers


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Icebreakers are quick, easy activities that are used to welcome people, encourage participation, bring people together, and enhance teamwork.

In The Big Book of Icebreakers, author Edie West presents 55 creative activities for virtually every workplace situation, including:

  • Icebreakers to enhance participation and creativity at staff meetings and training sessions
  • Ice breakers to introduce new coworkers
  • Ice breakers for team building
  • Ice breakers for fun and stress relief.

To help you find the best icebreaker for your specific needs, West provides a useful matrix. For example, to introduce new team members you might choose the Arrivals and Departures icebreaker, the High-Note icebreaker, or one of 12 others.

You’ll turn to The Big Book of Icebreakers again and again as new and challenging situations arise in the service center.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Icebreakers for Staff Meetings
  • Icebreakers for Sales Meetings
  • Icebreakers for Complete Strangers
  • Icebreakers for Groups of 20 or More
  • Icebreakers for Team Building
  • Icebreakers for Pure Fun
  • Icebreakers for Introducing a Topic
  • Icebreakers for Outdoors
  • Icebreakers for Self-Disclosure
  • Icebreakers for Stuffy, Conservative Types Who Hate Icebreakers
  • Icebreakers While Waiting to Start
  • Icebreakers for Everyday Living
  • Icebreakers for the Super Intelligent

About the Author

Edie West is a business consultant, speaker, facilitator, and executive director of the National Skill Standards Board.



See two sample icebreakers.


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