The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey


Softcover, 144 pages.

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This customer service fable follows frontline rep Olivia, as she deals with everyday problems in the service center. Olivia’s life lessons are amusing and memorable, and provide essential principles in a digestible fashion. Her story is one that every frontline rep can relate to, and her route to success is one that everyone can learn from. With easy-to-understand parables and down-to-earth language, this charming story of achievement will appeal to everyone who has ever looked for the answers to their work worries.

In this book, readers will find important lessons including:

  • The SODA principle (Stop. Observe. Decide. Act) — A sure-fire formula for staying calm in any emotionally-charged situation (including customers who are acting badly.)
  • Unplugging — A centuries-old practice to reduce anxiety and promote creativity.
  • Aha!s — 22 practical wisdom insights that become the framework for living a happy life.
  • Storytelling — The “wisdom stories” within the story offer time-tested lessons anyone can use to be happier and more successful.

About the Author

One of the most difficult aspects of training is finding the best way to reach each individual on the service team.

For over three decades, Barbara Burke has shared solid service training and impactful encouragement with supervisors and frontline staff at some of the nation’s leading service centers. Her down-to-earth style and inspirational tales allow her to reach everyone on the service team.

Now, with her award winning books, she brings her engaging style, practical service techniques, and motivational approach to your team.

Her short, easy-to-read, workplace fables offer tools, inspiration and wisdom to help customer service professionals deal more easily with their challenging jobs.

Barbara’s books are ideal for reading groups and for team training sessions where discussion and camaraderie will flow.



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