10-Step Anti-Stress Campaign


Your training package includes 10 booklets, plus a downloadable leader’s guide, and certificates of participation.

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Each person on the customer service team has it in his or her power to create a more positive work environment. And that’s good for everyone — the benefits include improved teamwork and cooperation; a happier, healthier staff; and more satisfied, loyal customers.

This practical training package provides advice and guidance from a range of industry experts on how to look within to better understand one’s own emotions, motivations, and behaviors and how they contribute to a respectful, harmonious work environment.

Best of all, the same tools and skills that reps use when working with customers can be just as effective when interacting with coworkers.

Your package includes 10 copies of the Training Booklet, one copy of the Leader’s Guide,  and downloadable Certificates.

The Training Booklets may be used on their own as a handout or you may conduct more formal training sessions with the Leader’s Guide and Certificates.