We Are Better Together

January 16, 2020 — Teamwork is one of the most powerful tools for providing high quality customer care. A cohesive team can accomplish much more in terms of innovation, efficiency, and productivity than the sum of the individuals that make up the team. In the January issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, service expert Ron Willingham discusses how…To read more — login/sign up

Lead with Authenticity

December 19, 2019 — In the December issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, communications consultant and coach, Patti Wood reminds readers that the first words a customer hears will set the tone for the conversation to follow. She notes that there is solid data behind this practical reminder. “Research says that the most important thing we look for…To read more — login/sign up

Featured Frontline Rep

Mary Katherine Henderson
Insurance Center Inc.

“Sometimes,” says Mary Katherine Henderson, “it’s hard to see past the day to day tasks of my job and know that I’m truly in the business of helping people.”

But that’s exactly what Henderson does every day. She attributes much of her success in service to a positive attitude. “I try to wake up every morning to face each new day with a bright and positive attitude, emphasis on TRY,” she says. “Skills can be taught, experience will come with time, but a positive attitude is one thing that we, as CSRs, can control on a daily basis.”

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Remember Your Purpose

November 7, 2019 — In the November issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and others, shares techniques to maintain a positive attitude at work. It’s all about focusing on your purpose. Or as he says, “remember why you do what you do.” Defining your purpose may require a bit of a mental shift.…To read more — login/sign up