How to Deal with A Bully

April 8, 2021
Unfortunately, there are the customers who try to dominate a service call from the start. They want to control the situation and intimidate the rep into giving them what they want. They can be rude and manipulative — and they assume that the only way to produce results is by threatening. What can you do?…Continue reading


Try the Can-Can Instead of Saying “No”

March 26, 2021
No one wants to hear the word "No." And with service consultant Richard Gallagher’s can-can approach you can say "no" without ever uttering that dreaded word. Here’s how it works: The can-can is a two part response in which you acknowledge what you can acknowledge and offer what you can offer. For instance, if you were working in a retail setting…Continue reading


Listen for Unspoken Needs

March 11, 2021
Have you ever done everything a customer asked - yet they don’t seem satisfied? Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. The cause, say service consultants Karen Leland and Keith Bailey, is that customers don’t tell you everything they need. "Customers do ask for what they want, but they have basic needs that they don’t ask for.…Continue reading


4 Seconds to Service Success

February 25, 2021
It was once widely accepted that a customer’s opinion of a service provider was formed in the first four minutes of their interaction. "Not true," says Lillian Glass, Ph.D., author of Attracting Terrific People. "Forget the first four minutes — now it’s the first four seconds." How can you use those first few seconds to make…Continue reading


Keep the QTIP Principle in Mind

January 29, 2021
Have you ever been provoked into letting your emotions loose on a customer? Getting defensive may be an automatic, human reaction to a caller who pushes your buttons, but it’s not a professional one. "As soon as you start taking it personally, you’ll mishandle the situation," says customer service trainer Joan Fox. "You can say…Continue reading