Developing Empathy to Support Customers

June 25, 2020
June 25, 2020 — How many times have you heard about the value of empathy in customer interactions? Probably a lot. And it’s good advice. Empathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotions and to imagine what they may be thinking and feeling. Some people are naturally more empathetic than others, but researchers at…Continue reading


BLUF and Other Rules for Email

June 12, 2020
When you email a customer or coworker you want that email to be read and acted on. But with the volume of email flowing across the web it can be hard to get a customer’s attention. Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications, offers four no-nonsense steps to ensure that customers read your email: 1. BLUF. This…Continue reading


Service Recovery the Disney Way

May 28, 2020
When customers experience a problem they want to be heard. So keep in mind the Disney Institute’s five-step process for service recovery. They call this the H.E.A.R.D technique. Hear: Let the customer tell their entire story without interruption. Empathize: Show that you understand how the customer feels. Use phrases like "I’d be frustrated, too." Apologize: Even if you…Continue reading


Clear the Clutter

May 14, 2020
Whether you’re using a makeshift workspace at home or you’re in the office, it’s time for some spring cleaning. According to Jeffrey Meyer, an efficiency expert and author of Time Management for Dummies, people should focus on clearing the clutter even if they don’t enjoy it. "Nobody wants to clean their desk, and nobody wants to…Continue reading


Featured Frontline Rep

Service TeamShipping Easy This month, we recognize the service team at Shipping Easy. In 2018 the team won two national customer service awards. The reason is clear, says Marketing Manager Rob Zaleski, it all comes down to recognizing that our customers are our partners. “Our customer success team members see themselves as an integral part…Continue reading


Getting a New Skill to Stick

April 30, 2020
If you are trying to incorporate a new service technique into your daily interactions with customers (personalizing the call, expressing empathy, or allowing customers to finish before you speak) a visual reminder is a simple and easy way to keep your intentions focused and to give priority to the changes you want to make. One…Continue reading