Keep Listening Skills Sharp

April 4, 2019 — There are several basic steps to better listening. And it all starts with recognizing what’s involved. “Exceptional listening requires concentration, effort, and a thoughtful response,” says author Joe Takash, “It means you must work at listening with your head and heart and not just with your ears.” The April issue of Customer…To read more — login/sign up

Spotlight award winner

Brenda Peralta
Crystal D

At Crystal D, everyone on staff is called a Memory Maker. The name reflects the company’s goal of creating positive memories for the customers and coworkers. Customer Service Rep Brenda Peralta exemplifies the Memory Maker goal and was recognized by her industry association as customer service rep of the year for 2018. Her number one tip for frontline reps is: “Smile when you’re helping customers. Even if it’s over the phone, people can tell when you’re smiling. If you smile, your customers will immediately trust you and trust that you’re going to be able to help them.”

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