Thank you Kit


Starter Kit. Guide, 25 thank you cards, 25 blank gift certificates, recognition log.

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Is your customer service team scattered to remote locations and make-shift home offices? Or putting in long hours in the service center?

No matter where they are, it’s time to thank them for their efforts during this challenging time. Praising and recognizing your team is not just a nice thing to do, it is essential to keep morale and motivation high.

Whether you thank reps for working extended hours, maintaining a positive attitude, or learning a new skill, it’s easy with the Thank You Kit  from Customer Service Group.

Each kit includes:

  • 25 Botanical Cards and Envelopes. Add your own note or use the suggested language.
  • 25 Certificates. Choose your own reward or use the suggestions for meaningful
    no-cost rewards.
  • Recognition Guide. Explains the benefits of recognition and how to get the most from your kit.
  • Recognition Log and Storage Portfolio. Keeps everything organized and at your fingertips.

Receiving a personal thank you card at home or in the office will ensure that your team feels appreciated and recognized during this difficult time.