Thank You Kit


Starter kit. Guide, 25 thank you cards, 25 blank gift certificates, recognition log.

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On-the-spot recognition is one of the most powerful ways to reinforce positive behaviors and ensure that they will be repeated again and again.

Whether you’re recognizing reps for working extended hours, maintaining a positive attitude, learning a new skill, or saving a sale, it’s easy with the Thank You Kit from Customer Service Group.

The kit includes exactly what you need to add on-the-spot recognition to your management toolkit. Just look at everything that you’ll receive, then click the tabs above for more details and samples:

    • 25 Botanical Cards and Envelopes. Add your own note or use the suggested language.
    • 25 Certificates. Choose your own reward or use the suggestions for meaningful no-cost rewards.
    • Recognition Guide. Explains the benefits of on-the-spot recognition and how to get the most from your kit.
    • Recognition Log and Storage Portfolio. Keeps everything organized and at your fingertips.

Receiving a personal thank you card at home or in the office will ensure that your team feels appreciated and recognized.

The Guide

At the heart of the Thank You Kit is the Recognition Guide. It will take you step by step through the process of setting up and running an effective on-the-spot recognition program.

Key sections include:

  • Understanding why on-the-spot recognition works
  • Determining what behaviors you will recognize and reward
  • Selecting when, where, and how to recognize reps
  • Writing the perfect thank-you note (includes guidelines and examples)
  • Building on your thank-you notes with no-cost and low-cost gift ideas

Read the sample below to see how much useful information is packed into this brief booklet.

Using spot recognition

On-the-spot recognition programs are not a new idea. What is new is their increasing use in the customer contact center as an immediate, low cost, high impact way to recognize and reward employees for a job well done.

On-the-spot, or simply spot, recognition works for a number of reasons. First, immediate recognition of positive behaviors is one of the most powerful ways to reinforce those behaviors and to ensure that they will be repeated. In other words, to turn exceptional practices into standard practices.

Second, spot recognition creates an environment in which employees know their work and contributions are recognized and valued. And that creates a positive environment that fosters improved performance and employee loyalty.

And finally, spot recognition reinforces departmental and corporate standards and values and helps all employees incorporate these into their daily behaviors, not simply the person being recognized.

For a spot recognition program to be successful, it should provide:

  • timely recognition
  • public recognition
  • motivation for all team members
  • clear and easy-to-understand criteria for recognition
  • meaningful, low-cost awards.

In the following pages we’ll cover each of these points and show you how to incorporate the materials in your Thank You Kit into your program for maximum success.

Thank You Cards

You’ll be proud to present these attractive, high-quality cards. Five different botanical designs are perfect for everyone on your team.


Gift Certificates

Sized to fit within your thank-you cards, the gift certificates have blank lines where you may write in the gift. (Don’t forget to consult the guide for no-cost, low-cost gift ideas.) Or if you prefer, include a gift card.


Recognition Log

The log will make record keeping easy and ensure that your program is fair and equitable to all.

Everything in the Thank You Kit: the guide, cards, certificates, and log work together to help you boost morale and improve performance by recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors on the spot.



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