Big Book of Customer Service Training Games


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Big Book of Customer Service Training Games has been used by thousands of managers, team leaders and supervisors to help their service teams hone their skills and build teamwork all while having fun.

These easy-to-use games take just 15 to 30 minutes and include handouts and worksheets, which you may photocopy. You’ll use the training games to enliven traditional customer service training programs, to add a training component to regular staff meetings, and during your annual Customer Service Week celebration.

These training games will help your frontline staff:

  • Create rapport with customers and coworkers
  • Recognize and respond to the needs of every customer
  • Go beyond the expected
  • Keep a positive attitude at all times
  • Speak and communicate clearly
  • Deal with difficult customers, and much more.


Table of Contents

  1. Games for Developing a Customer-Focused Attitude
  2. Verbal and Vocal Skills for Customer Service Success
  3. Training Games for Telephone Success
  4. Games for Excellence in the Face-to-Face Service Environment
  5. Games for Establishing Rapport with Every Customer
  6. Games for Focusing on the Customer’s Needs
  7. Creative Ways to Customize Your Service
  8. Games for Dealing with Difficult Customers
  9. Techniques to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
  10. Games for Improving Service to Your Internal Customers

About the Author

Peggy Carlaw is the founder of Impact Learning Systems, a training and consulting company based in California.

Vasudha Kathleen Deming is a principal at Impact Learning Systems and an instructional designer and training consultant specializing in sales, customer service, and technical support.



See two sample games.


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