Big Book of Team Building Games


7-1/4″ x 9-1/4″, 238 pages.


Team building games are designed to help leaders transform a group of loosely connected employees into a dynamic and productive team. These games build connections between people, increase morale, and get everyone working together.

In The Big Book of Team Building Games, the authors present 73 creative team building games that can be used in any workplace. The games can be used to:

    • Break the ice
    • Create team identity
    • Demonstrate the value of teamwork
    • Stimulate an appreciation of diversity
    • Build mutual support and trust
    • Improve team functioning
    • Surface hidden problems
    • Inject greater energy into team meetings.

In addition to the games, the book includes important information on the value of team building games, tips on selecting appropriate games, preparing game materials, introducing games, leading team discussions, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Team-Building Games
  • How to Use This Book
  • Getting to Know Each Other Better
  • Who Are We? Creating Team Identity
  • What Can Teamwork Achieve? Demonstrating Its Value
  • Who Can We Trust? Building Mutual Support
  • How Should We Proceed? Setting Team Goals and Norms
  • How Are We Doing? Improving Teamwork
  • How Can We Stretch Our Minds? Problem-Solving and Creativity Games
  • Can We Get Along Better? Learning to Communicate and Cooperate
  • Can We Work Together? Energizing Team Meetings
  • What Lies Ahead? Coping with Change
  • How Can We Have More Fun? Taking Time to Play
  • How Can We Build Self-Esteem? Affirming Ourselves through Games.

About the Authors

Dr. John W. Newstrom is a university professor, noted author, and consultant to organizations in the areas of training and supervisory development.

Edward E. Scannell has written several books and over one hundred articles in the fields of human resource management, communication, creativity, and teambuilding.


See two sample games.


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