Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions


17-minute DVD.

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There will always be conflict in the workplace. But now you can give your staff the skills they need to reduce conflicts and to resolve them when they do crop up.

This video discusses the common sources of workplace conflict and presents eight specific techniques for resolution. These are the skills that will help your staff put aside differences, control emotions, and move forward.

The solutions covered include:

    • Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes
    • Practicing active listening
    • Finding something to agree on
    • Setting limits
    • Using “I” versus “You” language
    • Disengaging to cool off
    • Appealing to mutual self-interest
    • Attacking the problem and not the person.

Study Guide

A companion study guide is available. To learn more, click here.

Video Samples

Learn to keep disagreements constructive and to resolve conflicts in a positive way.


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