Resources for Service Teams

We make ongoing training, regular reinforcement, and motivation easy with proven resources for frontline teams:

Monthly newsletter. Customer service training for onsite and remote reps. Keep your team connected, motivated, and learning with Customer Communicator. Each month your team will find skill-building articles, practical tips, advice from frontline reps, a self-quiz, and more. It’s the information reps need for ongoing skills training and reinforcement. And it’s always an interesting read.

Training packages. Engaging training on essential service topics. Use them when and where you need them. Perfect for classroom, online, or independent learning. Each package includes booklets, quizzes, certificates, and more.

Activity books. Trainer-developed activities to enhance teamwork, motivation, and service skills. Most activities can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes. Many are suitable for on-site or remote teams.

Team building. Training packages, activity books, and games all focused on bringing people together, fostering communication, and improving morale with team building.

Stress management. Training packages, activity books, stress balls, and more. The tools you need to train frontline staff to manage stress. Perfect for busy times, periods of change, and whenever you want to help your staff reduce stress and avoid burnout.

Phone skills. Training packages, activity books, monitor mirrors, and more for improved service on the phone. Topics include voice quality, listening skills, making a positive impression, building rapport, handling difficult customers, and more.

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