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Question: Is it just me or does everyone feel like they’re doing more and more training all the time?

Answers from frontline reps —Coworkers share knowledge. In order to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, service centers should strive to foster cultures of continual learning and agility. Here’s how we ensure that everyone is current with their skills. Teams meet weekly to review major and upcoming changes. Team members periodically take initiative to educate…Continue reading


Question: From time to time, I need to request information from other departments. It seems like my requests are the last thing on anyone’s list. What can I do?

Answers from frontline reps —Bridge the gap. It can seem as though your request is put on the back burner, but that most likely is not the case. Just as you are busy working with your customers, your peers in other areas are doing the same thing. This is a situation that commonly happens between departments.…Continue reading


Question: What does your department measure and why is it important?

Answers from frontline reps —Customer experience. In our department, two of the most important things monitored and measured are member experience and time management.Member experience refers to how the member was treated and assisted during the interaction with our Member Service Representative (MSR). Did the MSR actively listen to the member, treat them as a valued individual,…Continue reading