Reduce Customer Call-Backs

One way for customer service reps to minimize repeat calls is to answer the customer’s unstated questions before a follow-up call is ever needed. Or, put another way, to answer tomorrow’s questions today.

For example, if a customer calls to set up a new service the rep might proactively say, “By the way, people who switch to this service find the billing statements a little confusing. This will appear as XYZ on your next statement.”

Or, “When you receive your new Smart Toaster you may have questions about the set up. There is a very helpful tutorial at our website. Just click …”

Or even, “When you receive the delivery, please check the box carefully for small parts before you discard it. Some of those widgets can be hard to see.”

It’s as simple as that to avoid a repeat call.

More on reducing call-backs appears in the December issue of Customer Communicator, the training newsletter for frontline reps.

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