Use The “Language of Encouragement”

The way that service teams communicate internally is just as important as the way that they communicate with customers, says communications expert Dr. Alan Zimmerman. One of the keys to creating a positive workplace and productive relationships is to speak what Zimmerman calls “the language of encouragement.” He offers these tips:

Give a compliment. It’s as easy as telling someone “You look great” or “You always make me smile.” There are an endless number of ways you can phrase a compliment, Zimmerman says, the important thing is that it be “in your own sincere and positive words.”

Say thanks. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, so don’t forget to say thank you and express your appreciation whenever you can.

Let coworkers know their work is valued. “Tell your coworker what their work means to you and to the department,” says Zimmerman. “Let them know they are an important member of the team.”

Solicit coworkers’ ideas. “When you seek out a coworker’s ideas and opinions, you are saying that they have valuable things to contribute,” says Zimmerman.

More on using the language of encouragement plus maintaining your energy and enthusiasm, fighting knowledge hoarding, and the pop quiz appear in the April issue of Customer Communicator, the training newsletter for frontline reps.

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