Self-Care At Work

This Valentine’s Day show yourself some love by starting a daily self-care routine. These ideas for self-care at work come from the January issue of Customer Communicator, the newsletter for frontline reps.

60-second desk cleanup. Tidying your space periodically will help you stay organized and productive and reduce stress.

Eat healthy snacks. Having healthy options on-hand will keep you energized all day.

Take stretch breaks. Do this throughout the day to clear your head, relieve tense muscles, and reduce stress.

Practice good eye health. Use the 20-20-20 rule: Look 20 feet away from your screen, for no less than 20 seconds, every 20 minutes.

Stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle on your desk — use one with marks that indicate hourly water consumption — it will make staying hydrated easier.

Most importantly, keep in mind that self-care should be a daily ritual or routine. When you’re stressed out or anxious, it can be hard to process information, refocus your thoughts and regulate your emotions. Self-care can help.

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