Respecting Customers

Some reps are just naturals. Even without training, they seem to know how to work well with customers — How to humanize conversations, build rapport, and leave customers feeling valued and cared for.

These people share four important traits says Don R. Crawley, author of The Compassionate Geek. Fortunately, they are traits which can be learned.

In the November issue of Customer Communicator, the training and motivation newsletter for frontline reps, Crawley shares the four traits and offers tips for improvement.

The most overlooked trait is the ability to treat all people with respect, regardless of how you might feel about them.

“In fact,” says Crawley, “it is not necessary to respect someone to treat him or her with respect.” Respecting someone is a matter of how you feel about that person and if they have earned your respect.

On the other hand, treating someone with respect is a matter of your behavior. All people should be treated with respect and dignity. Frontline reps show respect by giving customers their time, complete attention, and courteous treatment.

The four traits and tips for improvement appear in the November issue of Customer Communicator.

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