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Align Your Energy Level With The Customer

April 28, 2022
While reps are often advised to project a high-level of energy when working with customers, there are times when this may not be appropriate. Chris Lynam, author of Choreography of Customer Service, stresses the importance of aligning your energy level with your customer’s. He says that you can think about energy levels on a scale of…Continue reading


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Use The “Language of Encouragement”

April 14, 2022
The way that service teams communicate internally is just as important as the way that they communicate with customers, says communications expert Dr. Alan Zimmerman. One of the keys to creating a positive workplace and productive relationships with coworkers is to speak what Zimmerman calls "the language of encouragement." He offers these tips: Give a…Continue reading


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Delivering Bad News to Customers

March 31, 2022
Everyone has to deliver bad news at one time or another. And it's never fun. To make the task easier, try these ideas from trainer Andrea Nierenberg of the Nierenberg Group: Do it quickly. If you string customers along, they will only become stressed and distrustful. This affects your organization’s reputation and its ongoing relationship…Continue reading


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How to Handle Nosy Questions

March 17, 2022
It’s happened to every customer service rep. A customer you've worked with, and built a nice rapport with, asks a question that feels too personal, or just plain nosy. The best way to deal with this situation, says Maralee McKee, head of The Etiquette School of America, is to make it clear that there are…Continue reading


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Sharing a Customer’s Grief

March 3, 2022
When you work in customer service, you will occasionally encounter customers who are ill or who have received bad news concerning themselves or others. It’s never easy to know what to say or do in these situations. Oftentimes, more is less. A few simple words can be more powerful than a long, drawn out expression…Continue reading


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The Customer Communicator, March 2022

March 1, 2022

• Lessons in de-escalating difficult calls

• Delivering bad news

• Use reflective language to connect with customers

• Service News: A monthly roundup ...

• Ask the Experts: How can I answer nosy questions without offending the customer?

• First impressions matter

• Add a deadline to messages

• Avoid using in-house jargon with customers

• Getting back to the subject

• The law of attraction: Positive thoughts

• Postpone aggravation with pen and paper

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Body Language Matters, Even on the Phone

February 3, 2022
Body language is essential when working with customers face-to-face. But even on the phone, body language is important, says Sharon Sayler, the author of What Your Body Says (And How to Master the Message). "We should be aware of our own body language because we send messages unconsciously all the time, even over the phone. And…Continue reading


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Welcome New Customers

January 13, 2022
Customer service reps who are "welcomers" make people feel important, appreciated, and valued as a customer and as a person. But not everyone is a natural welcomer. If you fall into that category, be alert to opportunities to welcome new customers to your organization. Richard R. Shapiro, author of The Welcomer Edge says that there are certain…Continue reading


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The Customer Communicator, January 2022

January 1, 2022

• The role of body language in customer service

• Houseplants offer many benefits

• Practice a calming breath

• Service News: A monthly roundup ...

• Ask the Experts: What’s Ahead in 2022?

• Cutting off the chatty customer

• Are you a welcomer?

• Bring your dog to work, or bring your work to your dog

• New Year’s resolutions, be realistic!

• Treat each call as the start of a relationship

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