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Asking Customers to Clarify

When customers become upset, they won’t always communicate clearly and calmly, so reps may have to ask them to repeat themselves. Proceed with caution! In the January issue of Customer Communicator, the training and motivation newsletter for frontline reps, Keith Bailey and Karen Leland, authors of Customer Service for Dummies, remind reps to make sure there…Continue reading


Sounding Great on the Phone

Speaking from prompts or scripts, or at the end of a long day, can leave customer service reps sounding mechanical and insincere. The solution, say the authors of the training guide, Sounding Great on the Phone, is to add interest to the voice by focusing on the three Ps: Pitch, Pace, and Pause. Pitch refers to…Continue reading


Telephone Techniques for the New Year

According to a recent survey, the telephone remains the most used customer service channel. While not all issues require the phone, 81 percent of service professionals say the phone is the preferred channel for complex issues. With that striking number in mind, Customer Communicator, the training and motivation newsletter for frontline reps, started the New Year…Continue reading


Top 5 Articles of 2023 — Plus a Special Offer

Every week we share practical tips and techniques from the pages of Customer Communicator â€” the digital newsletter for frontline reps. To wrap up the year, we’re highlighting five of our most popular posts. You may read them now along with all of the 2023 posts. And, if your team would benefit from more tips, techniques, and in-depth information…Continue reading


Watch Your Language in Conflict Communication

In the workplace, everyone faces small conflicts throughout the day — with coworkers, managers, and even customers. To solve problems quickly and professionally it’s essential to choose the right words. In the December issue of Customer Communicator, the training and motivation newsletter for frontline reps, author and service expert, RenĂ©e Evenson explains the power of word…Continue reading


Calming An Angry Or Upset Customer

Customer service professionals have to deal with a variety of customers day in and day out — ranging from the calm and polite to the slightly overbearing to the downright angry. It’s all part of the job, and it pays to be ready for all of the possibilities. In the December issue of Customer Communicator, the…Continue reading


Keep Phone Skills Fresh

Each time a customer service professional speaks to a customer, they take on a unique role. For that brief period of time, they are the company to that customer. In the training guide, Handbook of Essential Phone Skills, the authors provide over a dozen techniques that frontline reps can use to present themselves and their organizations…Continue reading


Discover “Service Listening”

On the phone or in person, listening is the single most important service skill. And while people assume they know how to listen, the truth is that listening is a technique, which most people will practice and refine throughout their careers. In the training guide, Effective Listening, the authors provide eight techniques for "Service Listening." One…Continue reading


Dealing With An Abusive Caller

Customer service reps should have the same goal on difficult calls as they have on every other call — to provide the best possible service. And that includes conversations with angry or abusive callers. In the November issue of Customer Communicator, the training and motivation newsletter for frontline reps, communications consultant Charlotte Purvis suggests how to…Continue reading


Improving Voice Quality

The quality of a service professional’s voice sets the tone for each customer conversation. The well trained voice will sound confident, trustworthy, interested, and likable, and will smooth the way to a positive interaction. In the training guide, Sounding Great on the Phone, the authors provide six techniques to become a more polished and professional speaker.…Continue reading