Sounding Great on the Phone

Speaking from prompts or scripts, or at the end of a long day, can leave customer service reps sounding mechanical and insincere.

The solution, say the authors of the training guide, Sounding Great on the Phone, is to add interest to the voice by focusing on the three Ps: Pitch, Pace, and Pause.

Pitch refers to the highs and lows in ones speech. Many voice coaches draw a parallel between vocal pitch and musical notes.

For example, just as a song played with a single note would be very dull, so is a speaker who uses just one pitch. Most speakers naturally vary their pitch — either raising or lowering their tone on key words.

To understand how critical pitch is, the authors suggest trying the following exercise. First, read each sentence aloud without varying the pitch. Then reread them raising or lowering your pitch on the key words that are underlined.

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  • Our focus is on teamwork and service.
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